NINO's '12 Scale RC 29" 7,34 Kilo

7340g Rocketship

1258g WR Compositi Carbon Clincher Wheelset: TURBO !!

Original "Frischknecht" frameset (Scott Swisspower Team)

1211g WR Compositi fork-awesome suspension!!

My latest build:
2012 Scott Scale RC 29 (with original Thomas Frischknecht frameset)

As always no fancy slick tires. This is the setup i ride with all year! The 29" is so much faster than my previous 26"...unreal ! 

As mentioned in my other thread about the build of my 1st 29" bike the main focus was on getting rid of that slow and heavy feel that is associated with 29er bikes. The big wheels definitely make for a slower, more tamed feel when compared to 26" bikes. By installing the ultralight wheels and fork of italian manufacturer WR COMPOSITI i got my bike to handle much,much quicker. It's now almost on par to my lightweight 26" BUT it offers the advantages of the bigger wheels. When ridden face-to-face against my similar built 26" bike it was obvious that the 26" had to go. The new 29" was so much faster and better to ride offroad ! I was really hesitant to try out these 29" bikes at first but now i regret i haven't chosen this path earlier.

Most important on 29":
On 29" bikes it's really the wheels that need to be light. I also invested in a lightweight fork and even lowered it a little (just 80mm of suspension travel) as on 29" bikes you don't need this much of suspension anymore. Lowering the front combined with the lightweight fork also helped in getting back some of the light and flickable feel of a 26". 

As far as tires are concerned i really love the Continental Race King 2,2" !! This tire has a huge volume and rolls superfast while offering awesome grip except in sticky mud. But it really shines on everything else and especially on wet or damp roots/rocks. I personally use just 1,3 bar pressure (19 psi). That's a lot less than i had to use on my 26" with the same tire. At such low settings the bike sticks like glue yet it still rolls superfast. Awesome grip, comfort and speed combined.

I don't like tall gear spreads so a 11-32 cassette was the obvious choice. By carefully calculating the needed gear ratios i came up with 36/24 chainrings in the front which give me low enough gears for my climbs yet still enough high-speed on top.

Detailed Specs:
Frame: Scott Scale 29 RC 2012/ Size M - 932g
Headset: Tapered - Extralite Scalehead/Ritchey Superlogic/CaneCreek - 67g
Fork: WR Compositi AMT 29" Tapered - 1211g
Stem: Procraft 80mm/-35 Degree with Ti/Al-Bolts - 124g
Handlebar: MT Zoom 25,4/620mm - 96g
Grips: KCNC - 9g
Bar Plugs: KCNC - 5g
Shift Levers: X.0 "Fantic"(modified to fit Dura Ace 7900 derailleur) 10s - 175g
Brakes: 2012 Formula R1 180/160 compl. - 585g
Wheelset: WR Compositi Carbon Clincher (w.Tune King/Kong hubs) – 1258g
Rimstrip: Notubes Yellowtape - 12g
Tubes: Notubes Valves + Sealant - 165g
Tires: Continental Race King ,Race Sport 2,2" 537+542 - 1079g
Axles: Steel bolt-on front / Titanium rear – 45g
Crankset: Lightning Carbon, BB92, 24/36 (Truvativ chainrings) - 515g
Pedals: Eggbeater 4Ti (modified) - 149g
Chain: KMC X10SL - 236g
Cassette: Nino's Titanium 11-32 SL/10s - 167g
Front Derailleur: Shimano Dura Ace 7900 w. Carbon Clamp - 66g
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Dura Ace 7900 (tuned) - 143g
Shift Cables: Alligator Mini i-link - 34g
Seatpost: Smud-Carbon 34,9/350 - 110g
Saddle: WR Compositi - 57g
Seatclamp: Carbon - 5g
Expander: Extralite Starnut - 7g
A-head Cap+ Bolt: Tune - 4g
Bottlecagebolts: Plastic - 1g
Chainstay Protection: Neopren - 10g
Zip-Ties (5 Pcs.) - 1g

TOTAL: 7340g
  / 16,2 lbs