Here's a list with parts that are laying around in my basement. Some NEW, some slightly used...but all in good condition! 

The list gets constantly updated so check frequently! I can send you pictures of each item so don't hesitate and contact me:


Suspension fork: 
DT XCR Twin Shot 2011, 175mm steerer, just 1118g (!!), used in dry weather only,LIKE NEW: 580 Euro
Road Wheelset ( Tubular)
Mavic Carbone Ultimate, 1172g/pair !!, stiff, great aerodynamics, with Conti GP 4000 tires, used 2000km,perfect condition, 1500 Euro

TUNE Plastic housing, still one of the lightest to date, 18g/m, 48cm pieces, 5 Euro
Nokon Shift-Set for Campagnolo/Road,gold colour NEW 25 Euro 
"Slick-Wire" Teflon coated stainless steel inner wires for SHIFTING-NEW 1 Pair 4 Euro 
"Slick-Wire" Teflon coated stainless steel inner wires for BRAKING-NEW 1 Pair 4 Euro 
"Slick-Wire" stainless steel inner wires for SHIFTING-NEW 1 Pair3 Euro
"Slick-Wire" stainless steel inner wires for BRAKING-NEW 1 Pair3 Euro 
Rear Derailleur: 
Front Derailleur: 
XTR FD-M950,Top-swing,TP,31,8mm,110g
XT FD-M760?,Top-swing,TP,31,8mm,125g
Ultegra FD-6600,braze-on,ca. 80g
10 Euro 

American Classic ROAD,28-hole,V+H,58g/205g NEW-Pair: 130 Euro 
MTB V-Brake, 28- hole, black, V+H: 121g/228g NEW... Pair: 70 Euro 
MTB V-Brake, 32- hole, black, V+H: 121g/228g NEW... Pair: 70 Euro 
ROAD, 28- hole, black, V+H: 67g/226g NEW... Pair: 70 Euro 
Rims (Road, 28"):
2x Alex Crostini R3.1, 700c, Super light, aero profile,28-holes 390g NEW
American Classic CR-350,28-holes,black,365g, NEW
Interloc Racing, Cadence Niobium (NB Al T-10),eyeletted,black,28-holes,385g NEW
Interloc Racing, Cadence Niobium (NB Al T-10),eyeletted,silver,28-holes,300g NEW
Campagnolo Omega V,black, 32-holes,430g
2x Assos, Tubular aluminium, black, 28-holes,very rare!! 300g !!!

Rims (MTB, 26"): 
2x American Classic MTB, 32 holes,Disc/V-Brake,360-365g,NEW, 40 Euro/ea. 
2x American Classic MTB, 28 holes,Disc/V-Brake,360-365g,NEW, 40 Euro/ea. 
2x Sun Ufo, 28 holes,Disc/V-Brake,342g+347g !! NEW, 30 Euro/ea. 
Forks Road:
Mizuno Full-Carbon Road fork, 1-1/8",240mm steerer, 560g 20 Euro 
Kuota Carbon 30,0/370mm,220g,NEW, 40 Euro 
Disc-Rotor Alligator Windcutter 140mm, Ti-Nitrite coated (gold), NEW, 10 Euro
Disc-Rotor Avid G2 180mm (from Juicy Ultimate),NEW, 15 Euro
2x Disc-Rotor Avid G2 160mm (from Juicy Ultimate),NEW, 15 Euro/each 
Avid Mag, 320g/set,50 Euro 
Extralite Ultralevers, 64g, 120 Euro 
Bottom Brackett: 
Token Carbon/Ti,square,BSA,103mm,Tiramic bearing,149g60 Euro 
Token Carbon/Ti,square,BSA,107mm,Tiramic bearing,153g60 Euro 
Token Carbon/Ti,square,BSA,107mm,Steel bearing,162g40 Euro 
FSA Ultimax Ti, square, BSA, 107mm 25 Euro 
Ritchey Logic,square,BSA,68-107mm,217g,NEW! 10 Euro 
Shimano XT,octalink,BSA,68-113mm 5 Euro 
ISIS crankbolts, aluminium, self-extracting,just 21g/pair,NEW 5 Euro 
Tires ROAD Tubular: 
"Tufo"-Valve extensions , several lenghts, aluminium,black colour,NEW,, 3 Euro/pc 
Tires ROAD Clincher: 
Vittoria Open Corsa EVO CX,700x20,215g....NEW! 20 Euro
Vittoria Open Corsa EVO CX,700x23,235g....NEW! 20 Euro  
Continental Grand-Prix Supersonic,700x20,black-grey,145g,...98% 12 Euro 
Tires MTB: 
Continental Explorer 2,1" Supersonic, 471g.....85%7 Euro 
Continental Explorer 2,1" Supersonic, 438g.....75%5 Euro 
Continental Twister 1,9" Supersonic, 439g.....70%5 Euro 
Schwalbe Racing Ralph Evolution 2,25" (07/08),507g....NEW!16 Euro 
Schwalbe Racing Ralph Evolution 2,25" (07/08),470g....80% 6 Euro 
Schwalbe Skinny Jimmy light, 1,9",435g....95%7 Euro 
Schwalbe Skinny Jimmy light, 1,9",458g....80%5 Euro 
Ritchey Z-Max WCS , 1,7",400g,...90%7 Euro
Nokian NBX Lite 2,0",441g....80% 5 Euro 
Nokian NBX Lite 2,0",500g....90% 5 Euro 
Nokian NBX Lite 2,0",498g....85%5 Euro 
Nokian NBX Lite 2,0",500g....95%7 Euro 
Vredestein Killer Bee 1,9",479g....NEW!16 Euro 
Tufo C-XC 1,Tubular for clincher rim,615g....NEW!16 Euro 
Rubena Acris 1.9",577g....NEW!5 Euro
Scott Manx 2.0" Kevlar,520g....95% 5 Euro
Chainrings Road (130mm BCD): 
54t, silver,71g,NEW!
53t Shimano 105,silver,78g

Chainrings MTB (58/94mm,5-bolt compact):
44t Shimano XT,tuned,black,65g
44t Shuriken,tuned,75g,NEW!
44t Shuriken,85g,NEW!

44t Coda,black,81g
32t Token,black44g
32t Shimano XT,silver,42g
29t Specialite TA,silver,tuned to 19g,
25 Euro 

26t Aluminium,silver,23g,NEW!
23t Aluminium,XTR grey,30g

22t Tune Titanium,21g
22t Token Aluminium,black,20g 
22t Token Aluminium,black,20g
22t Sugino Steel,43g,NEW!

Chainrings MTB (64/104mm,4-bolt compact):
44t Token,black,88g
32t Sugino,silver,38g,NEW!
20 Euro

32t Sugino,silver,38g,NEW! 20 Euro
26t Shimano XT Aluminium,black,30g 
11-23 / 10s, KCNC Ti/Scandium/Al Cassette, 115g, NEW, 100 Euro
12-23 / 9s, Inferno Aluminium cassette,used 10km,like new,109g, 40 Euro
11-21 / 9s, SHIMANO ULTEGRA cassette,some cogs used ca. 400km,good condition, 20 Euro
12-21 / 9s, SHIMANO DURA ACE cassette,used ca. 500km,perfect condition, 40 Euro
12-23 / 9s, SHIMANO DURA ACE cassette,used ca. 400km,perfect condition, 40 Euro
12-25 / 9s, SHIMANO DURA ACE cassette,used ca. 200km,perfect condition, 40 Euro
Skewers / Quick-Release QR: 
PoP (Parts of Passion) superlight skewers,silver,41g,50 Euro
PoP (Parts of Passion) superlight skewers,red,41g,50 Euro 
Lightning System: 
Nightpro Extrem, brandnew set, extremely bright light,all inluded,NEW150 Euro