NINO's Scott Addict SL 5,16 Kilo

Here's my roadbike as it's used all year long: Scott Addict SL custom
Weight as pictured: 5,16 Kilo / 11,4 lbs

Do i need to say it is fast? This thing is unbelievably accelerates like a rocketship and asks for speed all the time.

Frame: Scott Addict SL '08, size 54, 798g
Fork: Look HSC5SL 271g
Headset: Extralite Scalehead (no lower race with Look fork) 43g
A-head cap+bolt: Tune carbon 3,7g
Expander plug: Extralite Ultrastar 9,8g
Stem: Syntace F99 Ti, 120mm, 103g
Handlebar: Schmolke, 40cm 169g
Bar-Tape: Generic 23g
Shift-Brakelevers: SRAM Red (BTP carbon clamps+soft hoods) 250g
Brakes: Zero-Gravity Ti 182g
Front Derailleur: SRAM Red (aluminium bolt) 69g
Rear Derailleur: SRAM Red (Extralite Pulleys, aluminium bolts) 132g
Cassette: Nino's Titanium 11-23SL 114g
Chain: KMC X10SL 223g
Crankset: Zipp Vumaquad, 34/51,172,5mm, 559g
Pedals: Speedplay X-1 (BTP-aluminium plates) 132g
Skewers: m2Racer TT (shortened) 29,4g
Wheelset: Mavic Ultimate Carbon 1172g
Tires: Continental Podium Tubular 220g+215g
Glue: Tufo Tape 2x 20g
Seatpost: New Ultimate aluminium, 31,6/250 93g
Seatclamp: Carbon 5,3g
Saddle: Becker Carbon 59g
Cables: Alligator I-Link 75g
Bottlecage: Tune 9g