Extreme Alpine Biking on a HT

Biking on Swiss Breithorn (4164m)

Lukas - Nino - Frischi
on top of Theodul-Pass (3317m)

Nino with the 450 KTM

In summer 2007 i followed a swiss extreme biker doing an extreme Transalpine-Tour : Gipfelstuermer Lukas Stoeckli

Lukas is former member of the swiss national XC-MTB squad, has several top 10 results in the xc-worldcup...european marathon champion...now only focusing on extreme Alpine riding.

Lukas was followed by swiss television and since i am a former swiss motocross champion i was asked to act as motorcyclist for the VJ (cameraman) and we followed him on all the singletrails up to the very top of all the mountains he did. I had to ride up Theodul-pass which is just at the base of our famous Matterhorn (Switzerlands most famous mountain which you will see in the back of the following movie below). That's riding up through just tons of rocks and riding on the glacier up to 3317m height- really cool! Only Alpine hikers up there...and Nino on a 450 KTM

Just a brief overview of this insane Transalpine-tour:
7 days
32'000 meters of total elevation (each day about 5000m = 16'400 feet !!)
ca. 100 kilometers each day
ca. 10 hours of riding each day

swiss television showed short clips every day of the actual stages which you can download here:

There is a whole DVD available with lots of bonus material which shows more of the extreme tour. You can see a sequence of the stage where Lukas was followed by Thomas Frischknecht (Frischi) when they did ride over Breithorn. A swiss mountain 4164m high.

Watch that Breithorn-stage with Thomas Frischknecht ! Frischi joined Lukas on wednesday up Breithorn and swiss television did some really spectacular shots---->Watch it! It is really cool: