ECLIPSE MTB Bicycletube 56g

AVAILABLE NOW in very limited quantity

ECLIPSE Bicycletube
Swiss made by the inventors of the Eclipse Tubelesskit

- Much lighter
- Much better resistance against punctures
- Lower rollingresistance--->faster !!

Currently available: XC 26" x 1,5"-2,3": 56g !!

Planned sizes are:
BMX 20"x1,5-2,125: 44g
BMX 24"x1,5-2,25: 49g
XC 26"x1,5-2,25: 56g
AM 26"x2,25-2,6: 59g
Road 28"x18-25C: 29g
Trekking 28"x28-42C: 58g
29er 29"x1,5-2,25: 58g

The whole idea is to have a tube so thin that mimicks the skin which sealant usually forms inside tubeless conversions. Such a thin "skin" is really attached to the inside of the tire and less of an individual part inside the tire. It is much softer and more the way - this is what reduces the rolling resistance! We all know that sealant inside a regular tube isn't doing too good. Only minor holes can be sealed (only using good sealants that is!). The constant movement/flex inside the tire makes holes re-open and leak again. Also a streched Butyl tube has a tendency to rip open once there is a cut or hole. There is so much strech on the material and the material itself isn't too elastic. That's why minor holes or cuts end up bigger in regular tubes.

So the idea was to get a really thin skin inside the tire. Now this skin is out of an extraordinary rubber which is far more resistant than any other tube out there.It is extremely elastic yet extremely resistant to cuts. So far it seems the concept is working. We had Thomas Frischknecht riding it in Tuscany /Italy where you have lots of thorns and sharp rocks.I know that place, i go there every spring too and usually you get a flat about every hour when riding in a group! Everyone has to carry at least 1 spare tube because of this and often we found ourselves fixing flats because we run out of 2000 i started riding "tubeless" with sealant and didn't get punctures Frischi never got a flat using the Eclipse tube as well...for me this is like the ultimate test. If it does withstand riding down there it s really doing extremely well.

Basically the tube is just acting as a sealant skin. The material of the tube is so resistant it is almost impossible to get a snakebite. Sure you still can get a flat. There is no such thing like 100% protection but so far for me they come very close.

Advantages over Tubeless conversions
Airthight right from the beginning ! No possible airleaks, no fiddling with compressors or adding more sealant or having the tire half flat the next day, no messy sealant...

Easy to mount. The tube is handled like any other tube, mounts easy with EVERY tire and you don't need any practice to set it up unlike tubeless conversions where too many people stay away because of all the hassle that is involved. There you often need a compressor, some tires are simply too porous and won't seal or will do so only after serious treatment...anyway - with this inner tube you will get the same benefits but with a much easier setup.

Easy tire changes. Tire changes are easy and can be done minutes before a special kits for specific rims, no other specific material needed. No guidelines to follow, no restrictions at all. This tube just fits. The whole things is just that : it is EASY, LIGHT and WORKS !

Important note : tubeless conversions do work great if set up right!! If you did it a couple of times you get accustomed to it, you know the tricks and know how to act whenever there is a problem. I used tubelesskits for 8 years and i can seal almost every tire (important note: almost) But there's many,many people that still have their fare share of problems when trying to set up a tire using sealant. And we all know - It can be a mess. I doubt there is riders that didn't have their fare share of problems while setting up some tires. Only experience helps in getting some tires to seal wonder you see so many questions asked about tubelesskits: "Is tire XY ok to be used with sealant?...."Is setup XY going to work'"..."What pressure do you use with sealant?"...."Will tire XY inflate using a floorpump?".... all know what i mean.

This should come to an end with the Eclipse bicycletube. EVERYONE, even your grandmother, knows how a inner tube works. No explanation needed. No instructions to follow. It fits and works. In case you shuould still get a flat they can easily be repaired using the special adhesif repair-patches you can get from Eclipse.

Right now the tubes are tested by several top-racers in Swiss Races and also in the Worldcup!

- SWISS Made
- DIN-Tested

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