NINO's '05 Scott LTD 6,6 Kilo

My 2005 SCALE LTD with "dry" V-Brake setup as it got used up to 2009.

This bike since then got rebuilt and now actually acts as my "Winterbike" which you can see listed as well here:

Weight as pictured is 6,6 Kilos / 14,5 lbs.
I usually don't like tires with no grip and prefer something like Conti RaceKing 2,2" Supersonics on my bikes but this is what i used for dry weather in 2009.

Note the changed cablerouting with cables now going underneath the bottombrackett which allows for much shorter housings compared to the full-lenght housing you find on the Scale frame in stock trim. Now i was able to get rid of the heavy E-type derailleur and use a bottom-pull road derailleur. The SID is a mix of old and new parts and a final weight of just 1060g while keeping all the damping performance of the stock fork.

Frame: Scott Scale LTD '05, size M (modified cablerouting) 1002g
Fork: SID WC '01/'02 (tuned) 1063g
Headset: FSA 83g
A-head cap+bolt: Tune carbon 3,7g
Expander plug: Extralite Ultrastar 9,8g
Stem: Syntace F99 Ti, 120mm, 103g
Handlebar: FRM Web-Bar Carbon, 520mm,92g
Grips: Scott Foam 12g
Shifters: SRAM Plasma 153g
Brakelevers: Extralite Ultralevers 64g
Brakeset: Extralite Ultrabrakes (tuned) 184g
Front derailleur: Shimano Dura Ace with BTP carbon clamp 79g
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Dura Ace 7900 (tuned) 143g
Cassette: Nino's Titanium 11-32SL 167g
Chain: KMC X10SL 223g
Crankset: Storck Powerarms,square, 29/42 rings(tuned) 388g
Bottom Brackett: 103mm Ritchey/FRM Ti,square 127g
Crank fixing bolts: Kronos Aluminium 10g
Pedals: Eggbeater 4Ti 168g
Skewers: PoP Ti 41g
Wheelset: American Classic custom 1260g
Tires: Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2,1 (407g)+Furious Fred 2,0 (283g)
Inner Tubes: Eclipse Supertube 56g+56g
Rimtape: Ritchey WCS: 10g
Seatpost: Woodman Carbo EL 31,6/350(with KCNC clamp) 130g
Reduction shim 34,9-31,6: Extralite 22g
Seatclamp: Carbon 5,3g
Saddle: Becker Carbon 63g
Cables: Alligator I-Link 75g