Alligator Ultralight Disc Rotors

Ultralight stainless steel disc-rotors: ALLIGATOR Windcutter

Low weight AND maximum stopping power! Less fading !

Used by many pro-riders around the globe. Also used by swiss rider Florian Vogel (2008 European MTB XC-champion, 2008 silver medaillist at the MTB XC-worldchampionships)

6-bolt standard
fits all brands
available diameters: 140mm / 160mm

140mm: 60g 10 Euro  140mm (gold): 60g 10 Euro
160mm: 92g 15 Euro
180mm: 115g out of stock
203mm: 141g out of stock

Ask for the RACER-PACKAGE 160+140: 23 Euro!!

These same discs are also available in gold colour with a Ti-Nitrite coating.

Interested? Just get in touch with me: