Cassette Tuning

Here's some simple ways to make your existing cassette lighter:

Aluminium lockring: 4,2g
Only available in red colour. Fits on final 11t cogs. This lockring saves 9g ! on lower-line cassettes which come with steel lockrings that weigh 13g.(Shimano XT,LX,STX,etc... and Shimano Ultegra,105,..etc)

Aluminium Lockring (red only): 8 Euro

Titanium 11t cog: 4,5g
This cnc'd 11t cog is full titanium and saves 4,5g over standard steel 11t cogs (Shimano/Sram 9g)

11t Titanium cog: 20 Euro

Individual Titanium cogs 12t - 20t:
Precisely cnc'd Titanium cogs.
For "Shimano"-freewheels
20t: 15,5g
18t: 15,1g
17t: 11.9g
16t: 10,8g
15t: 9,4g
14t: 7,5g
13t: 5,7g
12t: 3,7g

12t-20t titanium cogs: 15 Euro

Plastic spacer: 1,0g
2,70mm , fit between Titanium cogs (only available for 9s)

plastic spacers: 2 Euro/pc.

A tuned XTR CS-M980 11-32 Cassette outfitted with these cogs+spacers weighs just 189g (standard weight 223g)

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