9s - 11/12-36 Ti MTB Cassette

11-36 / 12-36 Titanium Cassettes (9s)
Todays trend is leaning towards 2x9 / 2x10 drivetrains. So cranksets with just 2 chainrings up front. This however needs some careful selection of the rear cassette since you are giving up some of the overall gearspread you usually have with regular triple chainring setups like 22/32/44. Usually by going with double setups you loose some of the low gears which is the main problem for most of the people. With the current offerings you have just cassettes with up to 34t cogs which often is not low enough to compensate. Only the latest 10s components offer cassettes with 36t cogs. BUT the big manufacturers obviously forgot that still a vast majority is riding with 9s drivetrains. Some also don't want to switch to 10s and want to keep their 9s components. Also 29er bikes and all those with just a single chainring up front can now take profit of these new and lightweight titanium cassettes. With weights around 200g these are much lighter than even smaller XTR cassettes yet offer the bigger range you might look for.
These cassettes fit all Shimano and SRAM 9s drivetrains.

I offer them in different 2 sizes and 2 different versions with the following weights:
11-36 ( 11-13-15-18-21-24-28-32-36) : 202g (including lockring)
12-26 ( 12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36) : 215g (including lockring)

These cassettes have ALL cogs out of titanium except the final 11t / 12t which is still steel. Spiders and spacers are aluminium as well as the aluminium lockring which is included.

Lighter SL-version:
For the real weight-weenies out there i also have a lighter SL-Version with a final 11t / 12t cog out of titanium ( instead of the standard steel) and plastic spacers instead of the aluminium ones. These kits are sold ADDITIONALLY to the standard parts. So if ever the final Ti-cog should wear out you still have the standard one out of steel as a spare replacement.

With these modifications the weights are the following:
11-36 SL: 196g (including lockring)
12-36 SL: 208g (including lockring)

Standard-Version: 170 Euro
SL-Version: 190 Euro

Interested? Just get in tough with me per e-mail: