Here's an short list with some of the parts listed in my Blog. You can find all of them to the right as well-------------------------------------->

or go through here and click on the given link which guides you directly to the desired part.

10s TITANIUM Cassettes MTB from 167g:

9s TITANIUM Cassettes MTB from 157g:

10s TITANIUM Cassettes Road from 117g:

9s/10s ALUMINIUM Cassettes MTB + Road from 92g:

Cassette Tuning:

Ultralight Pulley Wheels for Derailleurs 10g/pair:

9s Grip-Shifters from 94g:

10s Grip-Shifters from 92g:

ECLIPSE Bicycle Tube MTB 56g:

LIGHTNING Carbon Cranksets from 500g:

FRM Pro Chainrings MTB + Road:

Superlight Chainrings MTB + Road:

ALLIGATOR Mini i-Link Cablesets:

ALLIGATOR i-Link Cablesets:

NOKON Carbon Cablesets:

ATIK Titanium Quick-Release Skewers MTB + Road 40g:

ATIK Titanium TT Skewers MTB + Road 30g:

TOKEN Superlight Quick-Release Skewers MTB + Road 36g:

TOKEN Seatpost clamp from 8g:

TOKEN Carbon Seatpost MTB + Road from 137g:

FRM Black Hole Carbon Saddle , MTB + Road , 94g:

ALEX Scandium MTB rim 310g:

ALLIGATOR Windcutter Disc-Rotors from 60g: