LIGHTNING Carbon Cranks/BB

---> ALL weights including the bottom brackets

This is the ultimate light-weight crank and bottom bracket set for weight weenies looking to shed some significant weight from their bikes, and who still want the strongest, stiffest crank possible.

The crank features carbon arms with an aluminum spider, joined in the center by a Hirst Joint (à la Campagnolo). The bottom bracket cups are secured by a genius knurled design to aid in the threading process, no superfluous installation tool required.

Look at the weights below and you'll understand these cranks are some of the lightest available on the market but cost a fraction of the competition that come at a +1000 Euro price tag.

These cranks are easily the most versatile:
- Lightning cranks can fit almost ALL bikes. 68-73mm BB width, or BB30...
You change your bike? No problem-these cranks will fit your next bike as well unlike the competition that sells specific cranks for every frame dimension.

- Lightning cranks can be outfitted with almost every kind of chainrings! The spider is removable/replaceable and there's several different spiders available to suit your needs. So if you want to change chainrings or your gearing later on this is the crankset to get as it allows you to convert from standard 130 BCD to compact 110 BCD (Road) or from Triple to Double rings in different BCDs (MTB).

REAL weights of Lightning carbon cranks:

MTB 68mm BB shell:
MTB-SL: 455g (cranks 175mm,68mm BB,spider,ceramic bearings)
MTB-HD: 485g (cranks 175mm,68mm BB,spider,ceramic bearings)

MTB 73mm BB shell:
MTB-SL: 465g (cranks 175mm,73mm BB,spider,ceramic bearings)
MTB-HD: 485g (cranks 175mm,73mm BB,spider,ceramic bearings)

Road 68mm BB shell:
Road-SL: 430g (cranks 170mm,spider 110 compact,ceramic bearings)
Road-HD: 450g (cranks 170mm,spider 110 compact,ceramic bearings)

BB30 bearings: -5g/pair !
Steel bearings: +10g/pair
SL-Version: Weight limit 100 Kilos / 220 lbs
HD-Version: Weight limit 127 Kilos / 280 lbs ! All cranks from 180mm up are HD.

I can offer "Extralite"-Versions with a lower weight limit which allows Lightning to make the cranks about 15-20g lighter than the regular SL-Versions:
"Lightning Extralite"
MTB-Extralite: 440g (175mm,68mm BB,spider,ceramic bearings)
MTB-Extralite: 450g (175mm,73mm BB,spider,ceramic bearings)
Road-Extralite: 420g (170mm,spider 110 compact,ceramic bearings)

Actual Q-Factor:
Road: 145mm
MTB 68mm: 158mm
MTB 73mm: 165mm

Available for:

Road 68mm (BSA), BB30
MTB 68mm - 73mm (BSA), BB30

Available Crank Lengths:
160, 162.5, 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, 175, 177.5, 180, 182.5, 185, 190mm

Spyder sizes:
Road 110 (compact), 130
MTB 74 double, 94 double, 64x104 triple/double (mounted reverse for optimal chainline!)
(This crankset uses an independent spyder design: Removable, interchangeable aluminum spyders)

Road 43.5 mm , MTB double 47.5mm, MTB Triple: 50mm

Patent awarded:

Specialized purchased the patent from Lightning and gave Lightning a license to use the design

Compatible with Quarq CinQo power spider (

Made in USA


To be able  to get you your final price i need to know your exact needs and wishes so please get in touch telling me: 
Road or MTB?
Crankarm lenght?
Type of BB and width? 68-73 BSA or BB30?
Steel or ceramic bearings?
Spider? Double or Triple?
Lightweight bots or standard bolts?
-thanks !

Please also ask for lightest chainrings!
I can offer FRM chainrings which are proven performers or also Superlight Chainrings...just look at them below!

Interested? Just get in touch with me: