NINO's '11 Winter-Scale 6,6 Kilo

Nino's WINTERBIKE 2011/'12

This is my 2005 SCALE LTD with actual '12 Winter-setup.

Weight as pictured is 6,6 Kilos / 14,5 lbs.

I still kept my old '05 Scale frameset so instead of just having it collect dust in the basement i assembled it with other parts that i had around to make a perfect winterbike. I like to ride full rigid during the muddy winterseason.It keeps your senses alive, is even more demanding and just so much fun. I might have to switch to a triple chainring setup up front once the snow arrives otherwise i won't make it up my housemountain which is 900m above sealevel. I need really low gears to be able to conquer the uphills in powder snow;)
Obviously there's quite a few parts that are very light (leftovers from previous builds) other parts are standard or even a little over what i would like but it is what it is...a nice bike;)

And this is how it gets used:
VIDEO - Nino riding frozen trail on his Winterbike (watch at 2:50 !)

Frame: Scott Scale LTD '05, size M (modified cablerouting) 1002g

Cable guides: 10g
Fork: Trigon carbon 460g
Headset: Tune Bubu 64g
A-head cap+bolt: Tune carbon 3,7g
Expander plug: FRM 14g
Stem: Syntace F99 Ti, 105mm, 103g
Handlebar: Easton EC90SL, 560mm,96g
Grips: generic Foam ca. 20g
Shifters: SRAM Plasma (9s) 152g

Discbrake: Formula R1 (160/160,carbon levers) ca. 600g
Front derailleur: Shimano Dura Ace 7900 (34,9 modofied to fit 38mm seattube)74g
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Dura Ace 7900 (tuned) 143g
Cassette: Nino's Titanium 11-32SL 167g
Chain: KMC X10SL 223g
Crankset: Race-Face Next LP (27/40) 475g

BB: KCNC scandium 108mm (incl. bolts) 163g
Pedals: Eggbeater 4Ti 167g
Skewers: Heylight front / Atik TT rear 38g
Wheelset: Amclassic/Notubes Race/DT Rev 1250g
Tires: Continental Race King 2,2" Supersonic 484g + 480g
Inner Tubes: Eclipse Supertube 56g+57g
Rimtape: Notubes 10g
Seatpost: MCFK 34,9/350 119g
Seatclamp: Carbon 38mm 5,3g
Saddle: Becker carbon 63g
Cables: Alligator I-Link 50g