FRM Pro Chainrings

FRM PRO Chainrings
These are amongst the lightest available rings on the market. They have a very good reputation for good shifting and durability.

Available for MTB and ROAD

-Made in Italy
-CNC machined from high quality 7075 light alloy
-Ramps and steel pins for optimal shifting precision
-Polished,anodized and laser etched

MTB rings are ideal also for 2x9 conversions.
2x9 Conversion-Kits include two chainrings & four red plugs/spacers which allow the rings to be mounted on the inner two positions on triple cranksets.
--->Suggested combinations: 26/40 or 27/42

MTB (64/104 BCD):
22t: 16g
26t: 26g
27t: 31g
32t: 27g
40t: 47g
42t: 50g
44t: 56g

ROAD (110 BCD, "compact"):
34t: 27g
50t: 75g

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