TITANIUM MTB Cassettes 9s

Brandnew, 3rd Generation:

These Cassettes are designed like XTR/ Dura Ace: Aluminium Spider and Titanium Cogs. But unlike XTR/DA these actually have all cogs out of Titanium. The cogs have machind shifting ramps just like Shimano and allow for smooth shifts also under load.

I have 2 versions available:
-The standard version comes with aluminium spacers and a 11t cog out of steel

-The SL version additionally comes with plastic spacers and titanium 11t cog ( Plastic spacers and Ti-cog are 8g lighter than the ones of the standard version!)

All cassettes come with aluminium lockring

11-30 (11-12-13-15-17-20-23-26-30)
11-30: 166g (170g including aluminium lockring)
11-30 SL: 157g (161g including aluminium lockring

11-32 (11-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32)
11-32: 175g (184g including aluminium lockring)
11-32 SL: 167g (174g including aluminium lockring)
(weight 08 XTR: 223g)

11-34 (11-13-15-17-20-23-26-30-34)
11-34: 188g (196g including aluminium lockring)
11-34 SL: 180g (187g including aluminium lockring)

160 Euro (standard Version)
180 Euro (SL-Version)

User comments via e-mail:
Thanks so much for the Ti cassette! It shifts better than my XTRs and Dura Ace.
It shifted EVERY shift faster and more solidly than I could ever have expected! Thanks so much!
Jim Thompson"

"Ciao Nino,
 ho provato il pacco pignoni e funziona molto bene, sono contento.

"Ich war am Samstag noch ein kurzes MTB-Ründeli drehen mit der neuen Kassette. Bin ziemlich begeistert.Habe halt riesen Freude an Deiner Kassette.... Ciao

 Cassette reçue, montée et testée. Super.
merci pour la qualité du service.
à bientôt

Here's a short video showing the cassettes performance on my bike. I didn't even clean the drivetrain before...shifts are smooth up and down!

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