29" Fork WR Compositi AMT-1 29"

From left: 1-1/8" 60mm, 1-1/8" 80mm, 1-1/2" 100mm
Set at 80mm of travel on my own bike
Weights with uncut steerer vary between 1220-1245g

Lightest suspension fork for 29" bikes: 
WR Compositi AMT-29"

Still an insider tip but this fork has already won several races in Italy. Italian carbon manufacturer WR Compositi is specialized in doing sweet carbon parts for ROAD and MTB alike but not only - they are also are manufacturer of the awesome WRM 450 motocross machine! So they definitely know something about offroad chassis- and suspension setup !

Available with straight 1-1/8" or tapered 1-1/2" carbon steerer. The tapered carbon steerer assembly is just 21g heavier.

Fork with uncut 260mm carbon steerer including the wire of the lockout (15g), but without the bar-mounted lockout-lever itself (38g)

1-1/8" mit 60mm: 1235g
1-1/8" mit 80mm: 1232g
1-1/8" mit 100mm: 1224g
1-1/2" mit 100mm: 1243g

Remote lockout (lever only): 38g
Remote Lockout with uncut piece of cable housing: 50g
Expander: 16g
10mm of carbon steerer: 2,9g

My own fork with tapered 1-1/2" steerer (160mm long), without lockout and set at 80mm of travel weighs exactly 1211g

By the way: the lower carbon tubes are completely wrapped with transparent stickers.... removing those stickers with all those letters/logos saves another 16g !

The WR Compositi is airsprung and oil dampened. It has the damping all in the left leg. The right side is empty. It comes with a remote handlebar lockout but you can also run it without lockout to save further weight.

The damping characteristic can be adjusted in many ways:
-positive/negativ air pressure
-oil viscosity 
-oil level (which changes the progression towards the end of the travel) 

It has to be mentioned that the fork is very simple to work on. It can be disassembled and serviced by almost everyone who has some wrenching experience. 

With the WR Compositi you have the option to choose between 60mm, 80mm or 100mm of travel. You can order the fork with a specific travel or change it later on. This change in travel can be done by almost any biker itself. It's done in a couple of minutes only. You just need the correct lenght of piston inside. Changing the lenght of the travel not only changes the travel itself but also the overall lenght of the fork. This allows you to fine tune your ride. A shorter fork means a lower handlebar height and also makes for a slightly steeper, more agressive steering angle. Most 29" bikes suffer from too high handlebars and this is an easy way to get them lower. I personally think that especially on 29" bikes 100mm of travel are almost too much. On my own bike i even started with the 60mm travel but since the damping is so effective i almost forgot i had this minimum travel.

Effective fork lenght (axle to crown):
60mm: 470mm
80mm: 490mm
100mm: 510mm

It fits regular quick-release hubs
NEW for 2013: Available also for 15mm Through-Axle !!

The fork comes with PM (Post-Mount) only

This fork is not only superlight but also stiff and has awesome damping characteristics. As a former motocrosser i really appreciate this fork. I am just 1,72m tall and i really had a hard time to get my handlebar low enough on my bike. So i have it set at 80mm of travel. I personally set the fork on the stiffer side as i don't need it to soack up tiny ripples...that's where i have my tires with low pressure do the work. I set it up to soak up medium and up obstacles for technical singletrail riding. I can go very fast on downhill sections, its stiff, precise,tracks straight and allows me to brake late into corners soaking up everything in its way. I like the light and agressive feel such a light fork gives. Compared to a SID WC it's days and night. Here's two videos of me on some of my home-trails to get you an idea:
VIDEO 1 - Singletrails with WR Compositi AMT 29"
VIDEO 2 - Singletrails with WR Compositi AMT 29" 

From 890 Euro

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