ALLIGATOR I-Link cablesets

Alligator I-Links are some of the lightest cabelsets on the market !

Weight per meter: 27g (outer aluminium+inner liner)

Standard Shimano weights: Shift: 33g/m Brake: 52g/m
Nokon weighs 38g/m !!

-Sets for either SHIFTING or BRAKING
-Available in Silver or Black
-Easy to mount - no tools needed to shorten/elongate the housing!
-Fully sealed with continous inner liner for best protection against dirt and grime -They come with "slick"-steel wires which make for superslick action (standard size. Yes - Powercordz do fit as well!)

1 Set contains ca. 180cm outer aluminium housing, 220mm inner liner, endcaps, frame protectors and two stainless steel "slick"-wires...enough to do 1 bike (either shift or brake).

39 Euro per set

Interested? Just get in touch with me: